Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Grandparent's Day

Trent made the sign!

Trent has been asking all day to do "crafts," so during his nap, I ran to Michael's bought lots of fun crafts stuff (for cheap - they are having a great sale!).

Once up from his nap, Trent wanted to make something for his grandparents for Grandparent's Day today.

He decided to make a flying pig for Nana and Pop. It was a little more difficult than I had anticipated because clay is NOT playdoh. It was really hard for him to work with, but the end product was cute!

Trent making the pig

Showing off the final product :)

Trent decided to make a cow for his Nanny and Papaw. It was easier, and he had lots of fun crumpling up the paper. It turned out great, too!

Making the cow

Look Nanny and Papaw!

Happy Grandparent's Day! We will get your crafts to you next time we see you!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Trent Wants to be a Builder

At Pre-K graduation, Trent said he wanted to be a builder. This morning he showed me that he is already getting practice for that job!

Impressive! With no help at all!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Swimming in September?

We decided to go swimming to wear the kids out. We all put on our suits and got in the pool. WOW!!! We need to add a new step to this process. We should check the temperature on the pool thermometer first. The pool was about 78 degrees. We have been swimming with it in the 90's. We all froze! Trent was the only one of us that didn't seem to care. He wasn't really happy when we said that it was time to get out after 15 minutes in the frigid water.

So while we were warming up in the sun, I showed Trent how to put a towel over some chairs to make a tent. He loved this, so he proceeded to build a fort with Jack and they had a ball. They played outside on the patio for an hour, just being boys. It was so much fun just to watch them. :)

Delta Fair

We decided to take the boys to the Delta Fair for some family fun. On the way, we went through the Howard's drive thru and go some donuts and donut hole for the munchkins. They ate all twelve by the time we parked at the fair (and that's not far). We decided that today was one of those days where we ignore our inner parent and just have fun. :)

Once inside we went right to the 4-H animal area. The boys loved feeding all of the animals, especially the goats.

Trent is not scared like he used to be. At one point a goat took the whole cup of food from him, and he thought that it was HILARIOUS! He laughed and laughed...

Matt had to help Jack feed a goat. He didn't seem too scared, but he liked the help.

Then Jack and the goat had a stare down.

Trent and Jack checked out the rabbits, too. They didn't seem to want any food, so they lost interest pretty fast.

Our next stop was in the childrens' rides section of the fair. Trent and Jack both wanted to ride the Scrambler.

Trent really liked the ride. However, it seemed like it stopped about 50 times to let screaming kids off. He didn't seem to mind, though.

Jack was one of the screaming kids that had to be let off. He looked like he would enjoy it before it actually started moving. :)

Then Trent went down one of the big slides. I tried to video tape it, and that didn't seem to work out. So here is a picture of him walking towards the slide. :)

Then we started walking toward the bigger stuff. On the way they had tractors and play sets set up to try to sell. This area was lots of fun for the kids.

You know that it's always difficult to get both kids in a decent picture. This was the best that I got, but I think it's pretty cute.

Jack had fun swinging on the wing of an airplane.

Here is Jack sliding out of the castle.

Matt and I talked about how cool one of these playsets would be in our backyard. Maybe in the future...

We walked around and let Trent play a bunch of the games. At one of the air brush tents we saw a tshirt design for Trent.

Trent rode one of the big rides, too. He seemed a little nervous at first...

But he liked it in the end!

We had a great family day at the fair.

Later that night we invited the Trustys over to watch the football game. Our bulldogs won 49 - 7. It was an AWESOME day all around! Go dogs! Oh, and Ole Miss LOST to Jacksonville State! Could it get any better? ;)