Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jack is walking!

Sweet Jack is growing up too fast!

We headed to Jackson on Friday for Matt's fantasy football draft. When Matt picked Jack up from daycare, his teacher said that he had decided to start walking. We were so excited! Jack strutted his stuff all day on Saturday for Nana and Pop and for Nanny and Papaw! He is growing up so fast!

Jack is walking, and he thinks that he is HILARIOUS!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Beautiful Weather

This weekend has been awesome! The weather is perfect for spending time outdoors, so today we did just that!

Matt and Trent played some baseball in the backyard. Trent is pretty good. I guess we can try to get him on a T-Ball team in the spring.

Matt threw a perfect pitch!

And Trent kept his eye on the ball! Way to go!

Jack enjoyed some snacks while we watched the big boys play. I put mini marshmallows, mini goldfish, and cheerios in his snack cup.

As an advertisement for other moms. These cups are great. It is hard for the kids to make a mess. Plus it keeps them busy (like at the grocery store). :)

Now while Jack was eating, I noticed that he didn't seem to like the Cheerios. I guess that I can't call him a cherry picker. He's a Cheerio picker. He would take them out and throw them on the ground.

You can see several Cheerios by his leg. :)

After some baseball, the big boys went for a swim.

Trent said that he was a DIVER. He's such a poser!

And speaking of posers....

Jack is becoming a big boys fast... :(

He is such a cutie pie!

Catch Up Time

I know, I know, I know.... I have neglected my blog. I am going to try to play catch up with this post, and I will try to be better in the future. It has been a crazy busy month for me.

First of all, Jack and Trent both moved on up at daycare. On August 3, Jack moved to the toddler room and Trent moved to Pre-K. I was a little upset about Jack moving seeing how he really isn't a toddler yet, but it is working out ok. The only problem is that he has become a biter. I see it as his defense mechanism because he can't walk yet, and all the other "toddlers" are walking. I am sure that it will all work out in the end, and Trent did teach him how to bite, after all.

I think Pre-K is awesome for Trent. He is earning smiley faces each day for his good behavior, so we try to reward him on a weekly basis for his good behavior at school. The first week we went out to eat at the "Armadillo Place." The next week Matt got him a toy.

On a side note, Trent's first day in Pre-K he came home saying the "Nap Fairy" brought him a treat. Of course, I was taken aback. I thought the Nap Fairy only came to our house, and we told Trent that she did not go to school. BUT, I guess I was wrong. Trent got a pencil from the Nap Fairy on his first day. He did keep asking me how she got so close to him on his cot (since she left his treats at home downstairs). It was cute and funny.

In the last month, I have also started back to school. It is going to be a great, yet busy year. I haven't left work before 5:00 on a single day, but with three preps it takes some time. I am teaching 7th grade enriched language arts, 8th grade APEX (gifted) language arts, and 8th grade science.

I guess those are all of the high points of this month... If I think of anything else, I will make a new entry. Sorry that I have been such a slacker...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Outdoor Birthday Parties = Rain Every Time

We planned Jack's party to be a swimming party and picked out super cute invitations for it. I didn't stress about this party like I have in the past for Trent's parties. Fran says it's because he is the second child, but I think that I just don't worry about the small stuff anymore. We worked hard to get the house ready for the party in case of rain, and guess what? It rained. We had a fun time, and the big kids swam in the rain anyway, so it was a success. Jack loved every minute of the smash cake. He ate nearly the WHOLE thing, and he cried and cried when we took it away.

Here were the Treat Bags - always the hit of a party. If you have never made Treat Bags, they are a great way to get kids to leave a party without throwing a fit.

It's my birthday! Party like it's my birthday! Jack has his "new" remote and phone from Nana and Pop.

I love this expression! It looks like he is saying, "Who? Me?"

The big kids loved swimming! Who cares if it rains. You get wet anyway!

Jack before cake wearing his cute bib made by Robin

Jack after cake - and this isn't the worst of it! :)

The big kids enjoying cupcakes and ice cream

Jack got a piggy bank from Nana and Pop! Surprise! Surprise!

Christopher had to show Jack how something worked

Jack was tired after a long day of partying. I took a similar picture of Trent on his first birthday! Sweet boy!