Sunday, November 29, 2009

Visiting Santa

This year we decided to go to Bass Pro Shops to see Santa. Trent is always so scared of people dressed up, so we figured that it was better to try somewhere free. It was great. Bass Pro has tons of games, crafts, and fun stuff to do for the kids. Trent enjoyed playing the games and doing crafts, and I finally talked him into going to see Santa.

Trent played with the remote control monster truck.

He played a shooting game with his Daddy. Nice pink gun, huh?

He raced a car.

And finally he and Jack visited with Santa. He was such a big boy!

I really think that he did for the candy cane. ;)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Corny Thanksgiving

We had Thanksgiving at our house this year. My parents, Nanny and Papaw, came up along with my brother Ken and his family (Amanda, Hannah, Hollie, and Miss Kathryn). We had a ton of yummy food. We had fried turkey, baked turkey breast, cornbread dressing, sweet potato casserole, green beans wrapped in bacon, macaroni and cheese, creamed corn, homemade yeast rolls, gooey pumpkin bars, buttermilk pie, pecan pie, and chocolate meringue pie. Ken and Amanda also brought strawberry salad and broccoli salad. Can you say, "TONS OF FOOD"?

Matt did an awesome job frying the turkey - his best yet!

Hannah came up on Tuesday with Nanny and Papaw, and the boys loved her. She loved our computer. This is where Jack was if Hannah was playing on the computer. :)

Here is Hannah with the boys watching TV...

On Wednesday night, we tried the pumpkin bars to make sure they were good which meant we needed the Ready Whip. Matt sprayed it into his mouth, and Trent thought that was hilarious. So Matt commenced to spraying it into everyone's mouth. Here is Trent. He was the last victim...

After Thanksgiving lunch, we watched UP while Matt and the kids took naps. After the movie, we got our game on. Matt has been dying to play some cornhole, so we drew teams and started a tournament. We played several times with Matt and Ken being the big winners. I don't know the exact record, but I am sure you could ask either of them to find out. ;)

Here are some pictures from our friendly games...

Matt thinks that he is the King of the Cornhole Hill

Ken begs to differ...

Hollie got the hang of it after a little while

Amanda said that she wished Mooreville High School had a cornhole team so Hannah could be good at a sport. :)

Hannah said that the same goes for Amanda

Papaw had good form...

I am obviously serious about the game...

Jack thought that the tourney was edge of your seat entertainment.

Jack was wandering around, but he didn't want to sit on the cold ground, so he popped a squat on his lawnmower...

After we finished, we sat around the firepit and enjoyed the warmth while Jack enjoyed popping bubbles...

Friday, November 20, 2009

November News...

I was lucky enough to be off for my birthday again. I love Veteran's Day. Matt took off too, so we went shopping and ate sushi for my birthday lunch. We also got my birthday cake from Miss Muff'n in Germantown - Strawberry Cake! Yummy!
That night we watched UP, one of my presents. Jack was mezmerized. He watched the whole movie while sitting in his little chair.

Mel and Floyd came over to share some of my birthday cake. We gave Jack a bite, and then that's all he wanted.

This month Jack has also started making kissy lips. If you say, "I love you," then he puckers up for a big kiss. We can't seem to get a picture of the kissy lips, but here is a picture of Matt and him mid-smooch.

We also got the stump in the front yard ground up, and Trent thinks that it is a great dirt pile to play in. I was out and about somewhere, and when I got home this is what I saw.

My sweet boys, although Daddy could have put pants on the little man. :)

Trent is being a good big brother. Everytime he is offered a treat, he insists that Jack get one too. Here is a sucker from the pharmacy that Trent got for Jack. I am pretty sure that Jack appreciated it. :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Silly Trent

Recently, we have started letting Trent pick out his own pajamas at bed time. We are trying to let him become more independent. Little did we know it would end up being so funny! He doesn't pick pajamas that match. He picks what he likes. I took pictures for a couple of nights to show what I am talking about.

Here is Trent wearing snowman/Christmas pants with a Spiderman shirt.

Here he is with a Christmas shirt and Spiderman pants on another night!

You can't see his pajamas in this picture, but he has the lion shirt on with Batman pants.

This one was funny too, because Trent ran over to Matt and me and yelled, "Look at his booby nickels!" We have always thought Trent was funny, but we both busted out laughing at this comment. He meant booby nipples, but anyone who knows Trent knows that he called them "nickels." It was worth a good laugh.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat!

After being so busy on the weekend before Halloween, we were excited about just taking it easy and trick or treating with the kids. The Sanduskys came over to join us in our neighborhood, and we had a great time. We put Jack in the wagon and took off. We started in our cove and then went a couple of blocks down each street that connects to ours.

Before we went trick or treating, I let Jack play in part of my costume. He didn't mind the ears, but he didn't like the nose much. He had a ball playing with the dancing halloween chickens we have from a few years ago. :)

We let Jack trick or treat on our cove. He didn't really understand what was going on, but he enjoyed playing with the candy packages that he got. You can tell in this picture that Trent was impatient. He was looking in the window to see when they were coming to the door.

After a couple of houses in our cove, we put Jack in the wagon, and he loved it. He played with the glowsticks that we had. We said that they were his mini light sabers. :) He just liked the ride as much as anything.

After walking quite a ways, Trent got tired and joined Jack in the wagon. We walked up to the spooky house at the entrance to our neighborhood. I have to admit that it was pretty spooky. Trent was very brave until the man opened the door. He wasn't dressed up or anything, but the fog machine was going crazy and Trent started crying. The guy with the cool accent (according to Matt, he is from Wales) gave both boys HUGE handfuls of candy. They were really nice. They even have a website for their Halloween house! Check it out!

After trick or treating, we came home, and Matt and Floyd made a nice fire in the fire pit. We roasted hot dogs and made s'mores. It was a great night!