Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jack's Barney Cake

Jack's Nana made him a Barney cake for his birthday. The day after his party she gave it to him, and he LOVED it.

Here is Nana, Pop, Trent, and Jack with Barney. If you have kids, you know that it is nearly impossible to get a good picture of everybody. :)

Jack is trying the cake after supper. :)

I believe he likes it! :)

Trent liked it, too!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Jack's Birthday Party

We had Jack's birthday party on Sunday, July 25th. Elmo and Sesame Street was the theme.

Here is Jack's cake.

Here was some of the food, a veggie tray. I cut the cheese in the shape of 2's. Yeah, I just typed "cut the cheese." I know Matt is going to comment on that. :)

I made two types of fruit dip and cut the cinnamon chips in the shape of 2's.

I also made Rice Krispy treats in the shape of 2's. Here was some of the decor.

As people arrived they headed to the pool. Here is a picture of Jack with his cousin Hollie. He LOVES his cousins, and they are so good with both of my boys.

We ordered pizza (supposedly Elmo's favorite food), and the kids got out of the pool to chow down on the food.

Jack loved the cake, but he didn't know what to think when he became the center of attention.

Once we started singing "Happy Birthday" he got a little stressed out, and he started biting his finger.

I had to help him blow out his candles, but that was fine because he wanted to eat his cake.

He thought that the cake was so YUMMY!

After we enjoyed the cake, we let Jack open presents. His cousin Hollie helped. Here was one of his presents. He didn't know what to think of these Elmo hands.

It must have been a LONG day because we caught both grandpas passed out on the couch. :)

It was a great day and a great party. It's hard to believe my baby is growing up so fast!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Trip to Nanny & Papaw's

Matt has taken a couple of guy trips this summer. This weekend he went to Craig's lake house in Alabama with a bunch of his BBQ team buddies.

I decided to take the kiddos to my parents' house in Centreville, MS. After the last few road trips, this was very BRAVE of me. I loaded up both kids, the dog, and tons of stuff to make the trek down south.

Overall, the trip was uneventful. I planned well. :) We stopped in Jackson at Matt's parents' house to let the kids eat and take potty breaks. Then we got back n the road. We made it to Centreville mid afternoon, and the fun began. :)

As soon as we made it, the kids headed outside to the deck to play with Papaw's trucks. Then they made their way to where Papaw was picking blueberries and helped.

Jack hindered the process more than helping, but he had a great time.

While we were in the house, my parents' unofficial pet came by for a visit. They feed all of the stray cats in the neighborhood, and now it seems they have adopted a new stray.

I forgot what they named him... Stripes, maybe?

On our second day in Centreville, we hit the town. We went to the Camp Van Dorn Museum. I learned alot and got some great pictures of stuff in case I ever teach Social Studies again.

Here is a picture of Jack with a shell that was almost as big as him.

Here is a picture of the patch that my Daddy got in the Air Force. He was stationed in Okinawa way back when.

On our third day in C'ville, we enjoyed some time in the backyard.

I laughed when I caught the boys like this. This was NOT staged. :)

Then we packed up and headed to Ferriday, Lousiana, and Lake St. John to see Mike and Norma Jean Price, my parents' oldest friends.

On the way, we stopped in Natchez at my parents' favorite store. I have heard them say Dirt Cheap so much that I just had to see the store.

It was nothing special... :)

We made it to Mike and Norma Jean's house mid afternoon. The kids loved all of the toys they had for their grandchildren.

They were so cute riding this tricycle together.

On the way to Ferriday, we had hoped that the kids would take a nap. We were WRONG. Jack was really grouchy, so Mike and Jean suggested we take a boat ride to calm him down.

Here are Mike, Trent, and Papaw on the boat ride.

Jack eventually headed to Papaw's lap.

Mike kept telling Trent to look for alligators. Then Jean showed him the Lake Monster. Cecil St. John doesn't like too far from Mike and Jean's pier.

Norma Jean had fun showing Trent the monster, and he didn't know what to think.

Eventually, Jack did fall asleep on the ride. We headed back towards their house when it got cloudy and thundered.

We enjoyed a yummy dinner at their house, and then headed back to Centreville.

On Sunday, we went to church and headed back to Lakeland. Here are a couple more pictures from the weekend.

The boys love Papaw. He's a good pusher on the swing.

Brodie loves it Nanny and Papaw's - lots of squirrels, cats, and raccoons to chase. Plus Papaw cook good food and shares. :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Planning Jack's Birthday Party

Jack has loved Barney for a while, but recently he has become interested in Elmo more. I asked him what kind of party he wanted, and he informed me that he chose Elmo. Here are a couple of pictures that I took for his invitations.

He is so funny and cute!

What a mess!

4th of July

Over the summer Matt's friend Len has been in Arkansas while his wife completes an internship with Walmart. Matt asked them to come over for the 4th, so Len, Lisa, and her friend Rebecca came to Memphis for the weekend.

They made a few sightseeing trips around Memphis to Graceland and midtown. Then on Saturday night, Matt and I took them downtown to see the Peabody ducks and to eat at the Rendezvous. It was really hot, but overall it was lots of fun. They got some good pictures and enjoyed the BBQ.

Then we hit Beale St. We took them to Silky O'Sullivan's for a Diver.

They liked it, but I think they liked the novelty of the bucket the most.

On Sunday, the 4th, we had lots of people over for a cookout and party. Matt (with Dan's help) smoked some butts, cooked some wings, and grilled some veggies. It was delicious, as always. Lots for friends with kids came over, so the whole family was happy and having fun.

Trent had a ball jumping in the pool with Parker Trusty.

Sarah was sweet and played with everyone's kids.

Jack loved Lisa because she pushed him on the swing.

Matt loved that he got some people to play cornhole with him.

Thomas and Andrea came and brought Abigail. It was our first time to meet her. :)

It was a wonderful Independence Day!