Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Nicole Nannie and I decided to do this year's Easter egg hunt together. We planned it for the week before Easter, and wouldn't you know it? It rained! We were forced to have the hunt inside, but that was ok. The kids had a ball, and everything turned out great.

We had a nice array of snacks for the kids and parents to munch on.

We had a contest to see who could guess the number of jelly beans. We figured the adults needed some fun, too!

I made the rice krispy treats that looked like baskets. I dyed coconut green for the grass and put M&M's in them to look like eggs.
Nicole made the perfect brownies. I have to get one of those perfect brownie pans!

We hid the eggs for the big kids upstairs and the little kids downstairs.

Christopher was the "big" kid downstairs. He actually understood to pick up the eggs and put them in his basket.

The big kids took off upstairs. We told them to find 15 eggs. Then they had to wait until everyone had 15 before finding more.

Princess Reese looked super cute as always.

Cash was the little rock star singing Wiggles songs. He made me miss Jack's curls. :(

Trent found eggs up high. :)

Jack figured out the eggs had stuff in them. Look Mommy! M&M's - or in Jack language - hump, umm, MaaaMaaa!

All in all, it was a great day. Thank goodness we have an open house. There were alot of people in our house, but it never felt like we were sardines.

Everyone emptied the eggs and let us keep them for next year, and Jack thought that they were great fun to play in.

You never know what you're gonna see around this house - Fred doing pushups?!

After the egg hunt, Matt got Wrestlemania, so many of the boys and their dads stayed for that.

Here are the three amigos (Trent, Parker T., and Jacob). They were REALLY into it.

Jack took Wrestlemania very seriously! We thought it was so cute with his hand on David's leg. :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break

I had a pretty busy Spring Break this year. I have posted about the SEC Tourney, Trent's first dentist appointment, and going fishing. But there was more!
We also went to the circus with Nanny and Papaw. The kids really enjoyed it. Here are a few pictures that I took.

When we first got seated, Jack was very interested in watching everything.

Both boys really liked the tigers and elephants.

I bought the boys some cotton candy, and they both were wearing it on their faces.

Jack started to get tired after the first hour or so.

Finally, at one point I looked over and he was sound asleep on his Papaw.

I bought both of the boys light sabres, and Jack LOVED his. Here he is getting his Daddy with it. If you can't tell, he is sitting on the mantel. :)

The weather was pretty at the beginning of the week, so we took the boys to the park in Arlington to play. I got some cute pictures of both of them there.

Jack enjoyed riding the horse in the little kid section of the park.

Trent and Jack liked sliding.

Trent has gotten very strong because he can hang on the rings for a long time.

Here is another view of the rings. Matt tried to teach him how to go across them, but he is still not ready for that.

Trent loved how high Daddy would swing him.

Here is a cute picture of them in one of the tube tunnels. My sweet boys!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


It took the whole spring break before the weather decided to be nice. We were excited about being able to do some outdoor activity. The Sanduskys called and asked us to go fishing, so we decided that would be a great Saturday. They told us about a lake that his really close to our house. We met them there on Saturday morning, and the fun began.

Floyd is a great teacher. He taught Trent how to cast. Of course, Matt and Floyd spent a ton of time untangling his line or baiting his hook, but he seemed to have fun.

Jack was too young to really fish, so he just walked around and pointed at stuff. He wanted to go where everyone else was, so on several occasions I had to scoop him up before he fell into the lake.

At one point, I caught Jack organizing his rock collection. I gave him Trent's tackle box, and he started putting rocks in it. He would get super irritated if a rock was too big to fit in the container. :)

Matt got a bite, so he got Trent to help him reel it in.

Trent was so proud of his fish, but he did NOT want to touch it.

I just focused on Jack because if I tried to fish, he would wander too close to the lake. Floyd was sweet and baited a pole for me. He took Jack and made me go fish for a few minutes. I had no luck, but I appreciated the thought.

Mel had some luck. She caught the biggest fish of the day.

Floyd caught one too.

On Saturday night, we bought some catfish. Floyd fileted the fish they caught, and we had a fish fry at our house. It was a great day!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Trent's First Dentist Appointment

I know that I have been needing to take Trent to the dentist for awhile, and over spring break I finally took the initiative and did it. Matt and I made sure to make it sound like a fun adventure because we do not want him to be scared of the dentist. I got an appointment at Pediatric Dentistry in Eads. The place was awesome!

When we first got there, Trent was interesting in the waiting area, but he wouldn't leave my side. He stayed with me while I filled out all of the paperwork. Then we were called back pretty quickly.

Trent seemed really nervous, but he got up on the chair or as he called it "bed." He kept telling me about the Dora episode when she goes to the dentist. This place was so kid-friendly and fun. He lay on the chair and could watch TV.

He seemed really interested in the movie they were showing at the time.

They had this beautiful mural on the wall too. The office looked like we were in a forest. There were trees everywhere with beautiful animals painted on the walls.

The first thing we had to do was get Trent's X-rays. He was great during the whole process, but he was very glad that I was right there to make him feel safe. I just loved that they let me stay with him the whole time.

The hygienist asked Trent what flavor toothpaste he wanted - orange, cherry, or strawberry. He chose orange (which would have been my choice too). She explained everything before she started so she wouldn't scare him. He liked the "thing that sucked the water out of your mouth."

After he got his teeth cleaned, he showed me his handsome smile.

He did end up with a cavity because he can't brush his back teeth well yet. Now, I am helping him brush them. He goes back in April for his filling. Hopefully, there won't be any stress since he has been there before.

Afterwards, he told me how AWESOME his dentist is. He loved the whole experience.

He even called his Nana that night and told her all about his day. He explained about the dentist and the leprechaun that came to his class at PreK. He had a very memorable St. Patrick's Day.

Monday, March 15, 2010

SEC Tourney

A picture inside the arena at Friday's game against Florida

Our players in a huddle while Florida's cheerleaders and mascot were entertaining the crowd

Due to Matt's work, we couldn't go on a BIG trip for Spring Break, so we decided to go to the SEC Tournament in Nashville. If you really know us, you know that that could be a plan for disaster, but we got lucky!

Last time we decided to make a trip to the tourney it was in Atlanta. That was the year that a tornado hit the Georgia Dome and the tourney was closed to the public. Yes, we drove all of the hours there to sit in a bar and watch the games. Fun, fun, fun...

Luckily, this year the tourney was much closer. We decided to leave as soon as I got off work to get to the 6:30 game. We were loaded in the Yukon and on the way at 3:30. It normally takes about 3 hours to get to Nashville, but we made the trip in 2 1/2 hours. We pulled straight into a parking lot across the street from the arena. Matt bought tickets from a scalper for $20 a piece, and we were in our seats with food a few minutes before tip off. We were amazed at our luck!

The bulldogs played a great game, and we headed to our hotel. Matt got our room on Priceline for $75 a night. It was a Hilton Suite! It was da bomb! We were so happy on Friday night. It looked like our luck had finally turned around.

On Saturday, we got up and headed to the bank to get some cash. Then we needed to eat breakfast/lunch. We saw a place called Five Guys. It was fast, cheap, and delicious. It looked like our luck was still there. :)

Then we got downtown. Matt asked several scalpers and ticket prices were pretty high for the game. By the time we got there, the Kentucky/Tennessee game was underway, and our game was considered part of that session. We passed a couple of Kentucky fans on the way to the arena, and they informed us that they had spent $400 on a pair of counterfeit tickets. That made us nervous - especially Matt. Let me explain for you. Our Redbox was broken over Christmas. We couldn't return our movie and were charged an extra $3 by the time we could return it. Matt called Redbox and stayed on the phone for 30 minutes to get that $3 back. If we had paid $400 for counterfeit tickets, I think that Matt would have walked off a building in downtown Nashville!

We walked around downtown for awhile with no luck finding tickets. We even ran into someone we knew who had spent $600 on a pair of counterfeits. They said that the counterfeits had the hologram and everything like the real things. That made us really nervous, so we headed back to the hotel to watch the second half of our game. In the lounge area, we sat with a bunch of old men that were State fans. They informed us that they sold their tickets for the rest of the tourney for $700 and they were going to the Grand Ole Opry that night. Well, we won which was so exciting! We decided to not even try to get tickets to Sunday's game since we were playing Kentucky. We headed home and watched the game in the comfort of our living room. Too bad we lost in overtime on a bad call.

However, I can say that it was a very fun trip, and I loved spending the time with my sweet hubby!