Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our First Family Camping Trip

Trent has been asking to go camping for awhile, so I got with my parents and planned a summer camping trip. I know, are we crazy? It is so hot! Well, even with the heat, we had a great time.

We went to Lake Enid in Oakland, Mississippi. We left on Thursday morning and got down there at lunch time. My parents got there the day before and set up the campsite.

Once we arrived, we set up the Pack N Play, and we let Jack have fun playing in the shade.

Matt set up the bean bag toss game. He and Trent got some practice in...

While the kids napped on the Thursday afternoon, we played cards and games with my parents. Then when we started preparing for dinner, look who showed up...

The deer were right by our campsite.

It's a little dark, but you can still see the deer in the background.

That night Matt and Trent tried to sleep in the tent, but Trent kept saying he was scared and hungry. After about 30 minutes, they gave up and came inside the RV. Matt was pretty relieved because he said that it was really hot.

The next morning, Nanny made a yummy breakfast - bacon, eggs, and cheese biscuits.

Trent loved the cheese biscuits!

Jack liked the biscuits too. I love his expression in this picture.

After breakfast we decided to try our luck at fishing. While we were baiting our hooks, I told Matt that I saw fish in the water. He didn't really believe me. BUT, his first cast, he caught a fish.

Here is Matt with his fish...

After Matt caught his fish, I headed up to the campsite to get some sunscreen and water. While I was gone, Trent caught his first fish.

The proud fisherman.

We had a full day of playing bean bag toss, playing canasta, playing minature golf with Trent, and more...

Trent loved playing minature golf, but he wanted to know where the go-karts were...

Jack went skinny dipping in his pool. We forgot his swimmers, but it was too hot to not let him swim.

We were hanging out in the RV when the deer showed up on Friday night.

Trent fed them some corn, and they got really close.

That night we made s'mores. They were delicious. We think that we know where they got their name because we wanted some more = s'more...

Papaw found this awesome stick to roast the marshmallows on. He did 6 at a time.

Jack was really interested in what we were eating.

We had a great camping trip, and now we are looking forward to go sometime when it is cooler outside.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jack Can Pull Up!

We think that Jack is hardheaded. He started crawling everywhere in just a couple of days. He waits to do things until he is SURE about it. Well, on June 24th he decided he could stand up. Now that is all he wants to do. I wonder when the walking will begin. Trent didn't want until he was 14 months old, but Jack seems to be ahead of Trent. Let's see...

Jack showing off!

He is picking toys to take on our camping trip.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Trent's First Sleep Over - well, almost....

After we got back from New Orleans, we planned to have some people over to swim, but it was too much on us. We had to cancel, and we felt really bad. Trent was super upset because he wanted Parker to come over. Well, Matt had a great idea - let Parker come over for a sleepover. Trent was so excited. Matt went and got Parker at about 5:00. The boys had a ball.

The boys are dressed and ready to swim!

Trent doing a flip into the pool. Yeah, we told him to NOT do this again. We don't want him to hit his head. Weird, how I caught it on camera.

Parker jumping into the pool!

Then it was dinner time. Parker loved the ribs. Trent loved the fruit.

Next was the trampoline. Jump!

Then it was sandbox time!

After it got dark, the boys came in for a bath. Then they watched a movie upstairs. At about 10:00, Parker said, "I am ready to go home now." Rather than try to talk him into staying, we decided to just take him home. There was no need to upset him. Maybe next time, he will want to stay! Trent LOVED every minute of it!

What was your favorite part? EATING!

We always ask Trent what his favorite part is about anything. On the way home from New Orleans we asked him that question, and he said, "Eating!" Well, Matt and I love New Orleans food, but that is not what we expected from our child. Here are a few pics of Trent's favorite part...

Matt and Trent got on the dance floor after we ate at Mulate's.

Trent had his first oyster at Remoulade. Thanks Emily for the suggestion!

Trent had his first crawfish at Mulate's. He liked it!

Trent loved the beignets at Cafe du Monde. The waitresses loved Jack!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Zoo and Insectarium

I have had a super busy month of June, and I am sorry for neglecting my blog. I am going to do my best to play catch up today, and then I will stay up to date. I will try. I promise...

Trent and Jack loved the zoo and insectarium. Trent still talks about the bug place or the bug store. The zoo was very nice. It happened to be an overcast day, so we didn't burn up. Trent enjoyed the gorillas the most. He is still a chicken and wouldn't pet the animals. The only one we could get him to touch was a goat. Baby steps, right?

Here are Trent and Jack in front of the fountain at the front of the zoo. Trent counted the hippos and elephants to tell us how many there were.

Here is Jack in front of the real elephants.

Trent always likes the monkeys best! Monkey see, monkey do!

Trent thought it was cool to get this close to the tortoise.

Nana, Pop, Trent, and Jack are monkeying around. Or is that Matt and Joan too?

We went to the zoo in the morning. Then we ate lunch and headed to the Insectarium. It is new to New Orleans since Katrina. I thought that it might give me the creepy crawlies, but it wasn't bad at all. Here are some pics from there.

There was a Louisiana exhibit in the Insectarium. When I was taking a picture of these baby alligators, one jumped and snapped at me. It was scary to me but funny to everyone else around.

Matt was being attacked in the Louisiana exhibit too.

This was Trent's favorite part. It's the same game they have at Chuck E. Cheese, but it was free to play. He played it a bunch!

Here is Trent with a giant bug!

Trent pointed at millipedes

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Quarium

On our first full day in New Orleans, we decided to go the the Aquarium of the Americas. Trent pronounced it "Quarium" the whole trip. There is nothing like a child's reaction to new stuff. We heard, "Cool" so many times at the aquarium, and it was so cute. He loved looking at all of the fish and animals. Here are a few pics of our time there.

This is Trent looking at "Nemo" through an aquarium.

Here is Trent and Mommy posing in the kids' area.

Trent posing on his Mommy's favorite animal

Trent acted very shy on the trip. He refused to pet the shark, so Mommy did it.

Here are my two princes posing with a frog.

Trent called these fish "Bumble Bee Fish" because of their stripes. :)

Trent's First Train Ride

During the last couple of weeks of May, we planned a vacation in record time. Trent's grandparents (Matt's parents) wanted to take Trent to New Orleans on the train, so we decided to take Jack via car and meet them down there. Trent was SUPER excited about the trip for days. He kept asking, "Am I gonna ride the train today?" When Monday finally arrived, Trent could hardly contain himself. We got everything packed up and dropped Pop, Nana, and Trent off at the train station.

Trent was all smiles on the way to the train station! He was so excited.

He and Pop waited patiently for the train to arrive. (I should probably change that to NOT so patiently.)

Trent loaded the train with his bag full of tricks (snacks, toys, books).

Pop loves Trent so much. He will do just about anything to keep him happy. Here he is reading him a book on the train ride.

After a while, fatigue finally set in. Trent was so exhausted. According to Nana and Pop, he took about a 45 minute nap on the train.

As soon as we got home from our vacation, Trent's first request was for Matt to get his train set out of the attic. He has been playing with his trains alot since we got home. :)