Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Lucky Day?

It has been a busy week, but I have been slacking.... I just don't like to blog when I don't have a camera to take pictures. Here are a few highlights of the week.

We got our new oven installed on Monday. The guys that installed it also installed our dishwasher correctly. Now it doesn't lean out when you open it. They did a couple of other little things that we have needed done for a while. I will be happy to recommend these guys to you if you need any installation work done.

I took a computer class on Wednesday. We have to get 6 hours of flex credit by May 8 ( I think that is the right date). Wednesday was my 3rd hour. I was stressing about how to get my remaining 3 hours on Thursday when I received an email from the Language Arts Supervisor about a workshop on Saturday that counted 3 hours. I figured that was a sign, so I registered for it.

Friday, we went to dinner at IHOP because Trent wanted breakfast for supper. He ate his WHOLE meal and still wanted a bowl of fruit. I guess he really wanted breakfast after all!

Then later on Friday night while we were bathing the kids, we had a knock on the door. As I was walking to the door, I noticed a dog in the window. It looked like Brodie. I opened the door, and our neighbor (who I had not met) asked if it was our dog. She said she called the number on the collar but her daughter (who looks to be about 4) said it was our dog. And that four year old is smart because that dog and Brodie could be brother and sister. It was a black and white Shih Tzu with one black eye. It was the opposite eye of Brodie's. Weird!

Then today I went to the workshop. It was in south Memphis at a middle school. I drove using my iPhone's GPS. I pulled in to see not a single other car in the parking lot. I got out and looked into the front doors. I noticed metal detectors which made me glad that I don't teach middle school in the city. I called Matt to make sure the class wasn't canceled. Then I figured it out. I must have not gone far enough. Sure enough the middle school was next door. Whew!

The workshop was great, and I won door prizes! I never win! I won a book at one of the sessions, and I won the BIG prize at the end - a $75 facial from a spa! So maybe my luck is changing after all!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Broken cameras and broken plans

Well, this has been a very spontaneous spring break. Matt and I had plans to go to New Orleans leaving on Wednesday afternoon and returning on Saturday. Jack had different plans. He got an ear infection over the weekend, and I called Dr. Ellis on Monday. He referred us to Dr. Lazar, an ENT. We got an appointment for Wednesday at 1PM. We figured that we could take Jack and then drop him off with my parents at the house and head to NOLA. WRONG! Dr. Lazar said that we could schedule Jack for surgery on Thursday (see previous blog), so that's what we did.

Then we decided to try to make a overnight trip somewhere. We considered going to Hot Springs to the horse races, but that seemed too far. We considered the Shackup Inn in Clarksdale, but they were booked up. Then we figured we would just stay downtown. Nope - rooms were going for close to $300 a night, and we couldn't justify that. So we helped Joey move into his new house on Friday. Then we went to dinner with Mel and Floyd. We left there and went to Walmart to buy fishing poles. Then we went to Wranglers in Barlett and saw Nuttin' Fancy Band (my friend Clint is the lead singer).

Then Saturday we got Trent up and ready and headed to go fishing with Mel, Floyd, and Shelby. I picked up the camera to take so that we could have pictures of Trent fishing for the first time only to see that the button you use to take pictures was gone. We found it in the diaper bag, but there was no fixing it ourselves. It looks like we will be sending it off to be fixed. Then we were on the road no less than five minutes when it started raining. We went fishing anyway in the 44 degree rainy weather. Of course, we caught nothing and didn't even have a nibble. Then we headed home.

After a nap, we met David and Nicole at Bonefish for a yummy dinner. Then we went to see "I Love You, Man." That was a funny movie, and we really enjoyed it. Then we went to the Flying Saucer and enjoyed visiting with David and Nicole until about 11PM.

My parents left on Sunday. I have to say that thanks to them I (or should I saw we) accomplished A LOT. Dad put a new lock on our front door. He changed all of the light bulbs that needed replacing in the house. We took my Yukon in and got the speedometer fixed. Then I got new tires. Thanks to Nanny and PaPaw for helping so much and keeping the kids so that we could have a break. It was very nice!

So, as you can see, our luck has not been great lately. Matt is looking at getting me a new small camera this week, and right now as I type, men are here installing my new oven. Maybe our luck is turning around. We'll see!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

"That's not a cowbell!" and Jack's Tubes

I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what I thought was funny yesterday that I wanted to blog about. I literally went over conversations with Trent in my mind, and I thought about everything that happened. Then today while we were waiting on Jack to get his tubes, I reviewed the pictures on my camera and BAM! There was a picture that told me what I had trying so hard to remember!

A couple of days ago while Trent was playing in Matt's toybox (yes, literally his toybox full of Star Wars figures, Voltron, Lincoln Logs, etc.) and found a mini cowbell. He has been running around the house ringing it for a couple of days now. Well, yesterday I told Trent to ring that cowbell! He corrected me quickly. "This is not a cowbell, Mommy! This is a puppy bell. See the puppy print on it. Cows have little toes. This is NOT a cowbell!" I guess that he told me, didn't he?

Today Jack went to the hospital to get tubes. He couldn't eat after midnight, so we were lucky because he woke up at 11:15 hungry. I gave him a bottle, and put him back down. Then Matt and I were up at 5AM and ready. I woke Jack up, and we headed to the hospital. David and Nicole were already there with little Caroline.

Don't they look cute in their hospital gowns?

We waited a little while to get called back (not too long). Once in the back, We had to dress Jack in a hospital gown.

Jack was weighed. He weighed 22.8 pounds. He had his temperature and blood pressure taken. he handled everything in stride except the blood pressure.

He did not like that cuff getting so tight. Then we spoke to the nurse and anesthesiologist.

Then they called us to go to the "Bunny Tunnel." This was pretty cool. You see a 6 foot tall bunny and walk into a tunnel of toys. Jack got to pick a toy, and he got some rubber duckies. Then we gave him hugs and kisses, and he was off to surgery.

Literally, within minutes they were calling us back to recovery. He was very fussy which was expected.

We gave him a bottle and he calmed down. Then I rocked him to sleep. The nurse came in to give us the prescriptions and directions sheet, and then we were on our way! We arrived at the hospital at 6:25 or so, and we were on the way home before 8:30. To quote Nicole, "They are like a well oiled machine!"

Now we need to head to the pharmacy to fill the prescription.

And the bulldogs play today! Go Dogs!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

What a Rant!

We had a pretty lazy day today. We watched the MSU/Tennessee game, and we went to Target to pick up a few things. When we were loading up into the Yukon, Matt asked me to get him a bottle of water. Trent then informed us that he was thirsty. Matt said he could have a sip of his water, so I put a straw in the bottle for him. He took a sip, and then I gave the water back to Matt. Then Matt proceeded to drink the entire 20 oz. bottle is one large gulp.

Then began the rant. Trent said all of the following:
"Daddy, you drank all the water. I wanted some more water. I am going to tell Stephen and Vincent that you drank all of my water tomorrow. I am going to share my water with Mommy tomorrow - NOT YOU! Why did you drink all of that water so fast? I wanted more water, Daddy! I am not going to share with you again...."

And so on, and so on, and so on all the way to Target (a good 10 minute drive). We found this hilarious at the time.

We also let Jack have some time in the doorway jumper, and he loves it!

He also gave Trent his first kiss today. We have been trying to get him to kiss like Trent did, and today was his first attempt and it was kissing Trent, of course.

He loves his big brother.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Snow Dance?

As I have said in previous posts - Memphis weather is CRAZY. We have had a few days of very mild temperatures in the 70's and 80's. We have enjoyed being outside with the kids. Well, today the weather changed AGAIN. We are now under a Winter Weather Watch, and Trent REALLY wants snow. He wants to build another snowman.

Well, I have been told that there are certain steps to follow to ensure snow. Here they are.

First, you must wear your pajamas backwards.

This includes the pajama bottoms. Check out the tag in front!

Next, you must fill a cup with ice.

Take the cup to the bathroom, and pour the ice in the toilet.

Finally, flush the ice down the toilet.

Now, supposedly you must follow all of these steps to ensure snow. I guess we will see tomorrow. :)

Now, on to other things...
As I said in my last post, Jack now sits up on his own. He really likes to sit and play with things. He also LOVES to splash his bath water. Here are a couple of pics to illustrate it.

We were playing with Jack on the bed tonight before his bath, and we got a good picture of how his eyebrows are so expressive. Matt was "zerberting" his belly...

We also got a couple of good photos of Jack with each of us. I can see each of us in him in these pictures. He is such a cutie pie!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wrestling or Should I Say "Wrasslin'"?

Jack is growing up so fast. I had to pull down another tub of hand me downs from the attic. Here he is wearing one of Trent's outfits. He looks super cute in overalls!

Jack's Nana pointed out that I have forgotten to mention that Jack can sit up now.
He loves to sit in the tub and splash the water!

We have had a very eventful weekend. Matt's birthday was Thursday, but we celebrated with his family this weekend. Matt, Joey, and I had a rough Friday, so we laid low. We played some cards and talked. Then Saturday, we got up pretty early and cleaned the house. Matt's parents arrived early in the afternoon. Since they were watching the kids, we headed to the mall to get some clothes. We were there for awhile, but we both got a few things. Then that night we headed to RP Tracks for dinner. Then we walked over to Newby's to see Ben Kweller.

Today we slept late, and then Matt started smoking ribs.

Now on to the title of my blog...
Matt grew up watching wrestling with his dad, so he has enjoyed watching it with Trent lately. Trent has had wrestling on the mind ever since they didn't get to go to the wrestling show in Memphis on the day we got so much snow. Well, every night our bed turns into a "Wrasslin' Ring." Matt and Trent have a ball playing, but we are being very careful to make him understand that he can't do these things with his friends.

Here is our match from tonight!

Matt begins with a body slam on Trent...

Jack has no idea what to think about this.... Little does he know his turn will be here before you know it...

Then Trent knees Matt in his back...

Matt gets Trent in the camel clutch, but watch out! Pop is there to rescue Trent!

Pop frees Trent!!!

Finally, Trent pins Matt...

And the winner is....


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Matt!

Today is Matt's 33rd birthday, so I wanted to wish him a happy birthday. He got his present this morning. I bought him a Mississippi State Tervis Tumbler, a rib rack (for cooking multiple racks of ribs on the grill), a pan for the grill, a hanger stacker, and a cutting board. Trent gave him a wrestling figure and some Hershey's eggs.

I just made him his cake. It is called an Eclair cake (recipe at bottom). It should be yummy. His mom is making him an Italian Cream Cake for Saturday when we are celebrating.

In other news...
I am now OFF of Prednisone. My CRP is down from 18 to 7, and Dr. Atiq said that all looks good. I go back to see her in 10 weeks which is a long time considering I have been going every 4 to 6 weeks.

We have a new oven - sitting in the middle of our dining room... Greenway came yesterday to install the new oven. BUT, they told me they couldn't cut the cabinets to install the new oven. So now we are starting over again. We are NEVER going to have a double oven. That is truly my prediction.

Jack is now repeating, "Da da da da da da." It is super cute, and he has been really happy. Yesterday, his teachers told me that he will be moving up to the creepers room soon. That makes me really sad because I LOVE his teachers. This always happens. When I like the teachers in a classroom, my kids move out of their room super fast!

Eclair Cake
1 box of graham crackers
2 boxes of vanilla pudding
3 cups of milk
1 cup of powdered sugar
8 oz. Cool Whip
1 container of Chocolate Frosting

Mix vaniila pudding, milk, and powdered sugar. Fold in Cool Whip. Line the bottom of a 9 x 13 pan with graham crackers. Then pour 1/2 of the pudding mixture on the crackers. Lay another layer of graham crackers. Pour the rest of the pudding mixture over that. Then put another layer of graham crackers. Frost the top with the chocolate frosting. Refrigerate.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow Fun!

We woke up to a lot of snow on the ground. Matt and I "guesstimate" that it is about 6-8 inches. Neither of us have played in that much snow, so we had fun with Trent in it. First we bundled Trent up in layers to get him ready to play.

He was super excited to go play!

We bundled Jack up, so he could have his first snow picture. Then we put him inside where he could watch out the window and we could keep an eye on him.

The first thing that Trent wanted to do was make snowballs and throw them at Daddy.

He was ok, but his snowballs could never make it as far as Daddy's did. This one went into the pool!

Daddy had a lot better aim, so his got Trent covered in snow.

Then Daddy figured out a new weapon - the pool skimmer!!! They had LOTS of fun with that one!

Trent figured out a way to get Daddy too!

Then it was time to make a snowman. Trent used his sand buckets to get snow, and we all worked to make our family snowman.

Then it was time to throw more snowballs!

Finally, we let Trent attempt a snow angel on the hammock. Then he was covered in snow!

Here is our after picture of Trent.

Now we have come inside to warm up. Trent is watching a movie. Matt is feeding Jack some cereal and fruit, and we are trying to plan the rest of our day.