Sunday, September 20, 2009

When All Else Fails, Stick It Up Your Nose??? Really?

Ok, if you have read my blog in the past, I am sure you remember the crayon up the nose incident. Well, I guess that enough time has passed for Trent to forget that he should never put anything up his nose!!!

Trent has been quite the handful this weekend. He seems to think that whining is the way to get what you want, when actually that is the way to guarantee you won't get anything. Well, today Matt put Trent in time-out for his constant whining. While in time-out, we heard Trent make a weird squeal. We weren't quite sure what happened, and he seemed fine, so we left him alone.

After a couple of minutes, we told him he was free. The first thing he said was, "My nose hurts." This was the same thing he said when he had a crayon lodged up his nose, so that is the first thing we thought about.

Matt asked, "Did you put something up your nose?"
Trent replied, "Yes."
Matt again, "What was it?"
Trent, "I don't know... It was blue."

I told Matt to get the flashlight while I headed to get the tweezers. Luckily, we could see it up there, and after three attempts, I was able to pull it out.
It looked like a folded fleur de lis. Here is the picture that we took.

After we unfolded it, we realized it was a bird. We have no idea where it came from, but at least Trent didn't suck it up into his brain. Then he really would be a bird brain! When will he learn?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Papaw and Jack

We had a very busy Labor Day weekend...
My parents came up on Thursday to spend the weekend with us. It was so nice to have them here. Of course, Daddy (or Papaw) changed all of the lightbulbs that were out. He also fixed the chair that Trent broke, replaced a light switch, patched our fence,etc. Keep in mind that we only asked him to help fix the chair. He is quite the busy body, but we don't mind! :)
On Saturday, Trent was invited to a birthday party at Pump It Up, so Nanny and I loaded up the boys and headed to the party.

Trent had a ball playing air hockey and jumping and sliding on all of the inflatables. Jack had a blast too. He played with the bouncy balls, and I even took him down the slide once.

Jack and Mommy on the slide

Jack with the blue bouncy ball

Jack after he threw the bouncy ball backwards over his head

After the party, Nanny and Papaw kept the boys so that Matt and I could go out with our friends Mel and Floyd. We went out to dinner, bowling, and ended up at their house playing Rock Band before the night was through.

On Sunday we headed to the Delta Fair. It was pretty hot, but it was fun.

Jack got hot, but a snow cone helped to cool him down.

Trent played lots of games, and we even saw races with monkeys riding on dogs. :) It was funny!

Here is Trent enjoying his snow cone while he waits on the races to begin...

Here was the winner!

Trent fed the animals at the petting zoo.

On Monday, the Shaidnagles came over to grill out. We enjoyed swimming and letting the kids play. Keeley even helped me grade some papers. I love that what I consider yucky work other people consider to be fun!

Jack had a ball swimming with everybody.

Christopher gave Jack a push around the house. Too cute!